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Young entrepreneurs like Robbie Kavanagh, director of ‘Emporium’, an occasional pop-up hub for young Irish designers to showcase their designs, James Fagan and Phil Boyle who lead Coffee & Kicks, designer Sophie Murphy who was recently selected to take part in the Nike: On Air competition in London, and ST. Street Sneakers who are bringing rare street wear to Dublin, are all contributing to the exciting Irish menswear movement of 2018

With all this in mind, springs an idea of opportunity, in a growing market that has a massive amount of potential. How can we build a foundation and scheme for young talent to get the correct support they need to run a business? Support them in showcasing their designs and ideas to wider markets and giving them a platform for innzovation and creativity.

In ‘PROPHECY’, we highlight just some of the many people making a difference in Irish fashion. The creatives who bring ideas to fruition and extract.

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Stylist: Adam Gaffey
Photographer: Alex Hutchinson
Model: Aubrey O Mahony at NotAnother Agency
Assistant Stylist: Tien Nguyen