Man of the Month | Niall Breslin

Niall Breslin A.K.A Bressie has become a permanent fixture on our TV screens over the past four years and we are certainly not complaining. The former underage rugby star and The Blizzards frontman has fast become an audience favourite for his honest and frank commentary on music and pop culture, and of course, he has earned the respect of the nation for his bravery in speaking out about his battle with mental health.

Now that The Voice of Ireland has returned to the prime Sunday evening slot on RTE One, Irish music fans are being treated to a weekly look at the Westmeath native. In recent times it hasn’t been his solo or band career that has been taking focus, it has been his debut book “Me and my Mate Jeffrey.”

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Mental health is really a subject that wasn’t being addressed in modern day society, but as a pertinent issue, it was only a matter of time before a well-known face finally spoke up and gave a voice to the voiceless. Bressie has been the perfect candidate as an ambassador and he has embodied the role with great respect and dignity. He has provided an ideal platform where improvements in our healthcare system are now imminent.

The 35 year olds love life is another topic that has held a lot of intrigue over the past few years, his relationship with top Irish model turned food blogger, Roz Purcell, is a match made in celeb heaven. The couple have managed the perfect balance in the public eye without shying away from the limelight; yet they are still able to keep in the ins and outs of their romance behind closed doors.

Excitement and positivity for the rugged hunk keeps on growing and as plans for The Blizzards next project emerge, we can’t help but ‘fangirl’ as the thoughts of their new material later this year.

Tracking new @theblizzardsie tunes in @camdenrecordingstudios @musicmakereire . New tunes coming soon.

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It is safe to call him a man of the moment, with so much going for him; a successful TV documentary, The Voice of Ireland, power-couple status and best-selling book. However with all of those factors, he is still humble and relatable – an important characteristic in a role model for people struggling with mental health issues.