MFI Magazine Issue 16 | ‘Wasteland’

With the arrival of AW17, we celebrate the launch of the 16th issue of MFI magazine, entitled ‘Wasteland’.

In ‘Wasteland’, we give a platform to express the individual and all that is weird, out-there and other-worldly. We set the scene in a dystopia where fashion-forward groups are typically unseen. Where there is an environment of political uncertainty, we focus on those that are unruly, defiant and anti-establishment. They set the trends and break the mould. The issue is made up of a collection of work by Irish creatives such as Táine King, Scott McDonald and David Gannon and features interviews with designer Daniel w. Fletcher, photographer Kate Bones and Irish band Otherkin.

Available 29/09/17 in stores nationwide and online – Price €4.99 (ex. P&P)