Make A Wish with Alexandru Bulgari

We were recently invited to support a wonderful Make A Wish project, which was created for a young and ambitious teenager, named Alexandru Bulgari. His wish? To experience the exciting world of modelling and that’s exactly what was granted!

On behalf of Make A Wish, Alexandru headed to Daylight 44 Studios to work with stylist, Laura Mullett, photographer, Aaron Hurley, and makeup artist, Ciara Allen, for his first ever photo shoot. He was captured in a range of casual styles from both Primark and Selected Homme, while we took the time to sit down and talk about his dreams and ambitions. We’re more than excited to see what the future holds for him.

Read our interview with Alexandru, below.

Polo Jumper, Selected Homme; Jacket, Primark.

Explain to us your interest in modelling. Is it something that has always appealed to you?
Alexandru: I have always had a thought of being a model, but this summer was when I decided it is something that I want to do. I think I have a natural look and figure, the ability and a the desire to be a successful model.

Talk to us about your personal style. Would you say you have a specific aesthetic?
Alexandru: My style is quite flexible and I like to be unique. I like classic occasionally and sportswear, both affordable and expensive, anything that makes me different. I have a figure that is in proportion with my inner individuality. I think modelling is the area where I can fully express myself, I feel I can bring something lively to a designer’s collection.

Who are your inspirations in terms of modelling? Who do you look up to?
Alexandru: I do have inspiration with the likes of David Beckham or Channing Tatum, but at the same time I am quite self-motivated.

All clothing, Selected Homme.

How was it working with such a talented team like Aaron and Laura for your first photo shoot?
Alexandru: I am grateful for Make A Wish, that they helped me to meet and work with such a talented team like Aaron, Laura and Ciara for my first photo shoot. They worked very hard in creating a composition card to promote me as a model moving forward. Aaron is very skilled at capturing the right moments and producing eye-catching photos.

Laura helped create my style and unique look. Ciara worked on my makeup to enhance my features in the right areas. I really enjoyed the experience and at the same time, I received valuable information and demonstration tips for my modelling career.

What was it that you enjoyed most about this project? What was your favourite part?
Alexandru: I enjoyed all parts of the project including the surprises. I am grateful to Louise and to all people who helped create the project and that made my day special.

All clothing, Selected Homme.
Shirt and Chinos, Primark; Jumper and Jacket, Selected Homme.

What are your ambitions as a model? Where would you like to travel the most?
Alexandru: My ambition as a model is to become one of the top models in Ireland and maybe even abroad. I would like to travel the most to America. I would like to visit New York too, to work with well-known models and designers.

What’s your favourite store to shop in and why?
Alexandru: My favourite stores to shop in would be Zara, JD Sports, and Pull & Bear. They have great quality products at affordable prices that suit my style.

How was it being in front of the camera for the first time?
Alexandru: Being in front of the camera for the first time was very comfortable. It really felt like a natural experience.

Alexandru photographed with his Sister ?9Left) and Mother (Right).