Grooming products put to the test

The Brands

Uppercut Deluxe is a hard-man’s hair brand inspired by the spirit of Australian Willy O’Shea. Influenced by 1950’s barbershops, Uppercut deluxe is a modern brand with a traditional approach to men’s grooming. Uppercut Deluxe was developed by childhood friends Luke Newman and Steve Purcell – who are both barbers by trade – who believe in a lifestyle of skating, surf and turf, and barbecuing. According to founders, the brand’s namesake stems from Newman’s Grandfather Willy O’Shea, who was an old boxer from the Jimmy Sharman’s boxing troupe that toured rural Australia during the great depression.

Dr Harris & Co is a reputable family business that have been operating in London since 1709. Specialising in natural remedies and classic-scented colognes, and very much running as an old-style chemist, Dr Harris & Co have become a go-to brand and household name within the English market and are continuing to expand. The brand hold a prestigious history within the Royal family and act as official chemists for his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. They have also received the Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen. If it’s good enough for the queen it’s good enough for us; so we put it to the test.

Our Tester


Jake has naturally neutral skin. He doesn’t suffer from oily or porous skin, and rarely has a breakout. However, he has had the majority of his face covered with a beard for the past year. Upon shaving he noticed that his skin had become dry and flakey, and so he needed something that acted as a barrier against the elements, but something that was smooth, calming and kind to his skin. He found it difficult to find a suitable product that was within his price range and one that offered any real benefits. But he also has a busy lifestyle and doesn’t have a lot of time to allow for a vigorous skincare regime.

“For a long time I didn’t take care of my skin; skincare for me was an afterthought. It was only when my friends were going through puberty that I noticed that a lot of my friends were unfortunate enough to have bad skin and be susceptible to acne and spots. This made me rethink skincare and grooming”

We put Jake’s skin to the test over the course of 3 weeks with two simple products that he had never used before.

Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm

(100ml) €18.49


Jake’s review

Usage: I used the balm once daily and would shave 3-4 times a week

Benefits: What I find with a lot of products is that they tend to be thick and oily and would equate to suncream; but this beard balm has a matte finish when it dries. It’s really light, easy to apply, and you only need a small amount of product to see visible improvements. Although the product is more expensive than standard moisturisers from household-brands, the value for money is obvious. The 100ml bottle will last me wrought 2-3 months. Having not shaved for almost two years I’m finding that my skin’s tolerance to razor-burn has lowered. The balm took away the burning sensation that I felt after shaving and calmed my skin down, while releasing a light fragrance.

Love: The balm isn’t sticky which is important for me. I used to use coconut oil or petroleum jelly which were sticky and there would be a residue on my hands throughout the day from touching my face.

Loath: There was nothing about this product that I didn’t enjoy.

Ranked: 4/5

“I would definitely use this balm again. I would happily add more Uppercut Deluxe products into my grooming regime.”

Dr Harris & Co Almond Oil

(150ml) €13.21


Jake’s Review

Usage: I used this oil every second day in the morning. I didn’t need to use excess amounts because my skin was only mildly dry. I used it in combination with the balm also

Benefits: The branding gave me the perception that it was a very luxurious product, and my initial reaction was that it was of high quality. I’ve used cheaper oils before (standard coconut oil) but often felt that I would need a number of applications throughout the day to achieve the same results as more expensive products. With this however, I felt like less is more. It’s thick and offers a lot of coverage.

Love: For an oil-based product it wasn’t greasy. There was good absorption and again, it left quite a matte finish which is something I really value in a facial product.

Loath: I expected the standard of this product to be high and I wasn’t disappointed.

Rating: 5/5

“I was impressed by how long the bottle lasts and how suitable it was for my skin. This is especially useful for anyone with dry skin, but its also suitable for oily skin because of the matte finish. It’s important for mens products to be universal”

Both of these products are environmentally friendly and don’t test on animals. They are available at, with shipping rates starting from £3.95.