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While another season of London Collections: Men, has well and truly ended; it hasn’t gone unnoticed that Ireland was once again proudly represented on the runway this past weekend. As sixteen-year-old, Charlie Clinch, who is represented by both NotAnother Agency in Ireland and Select Model Management in the UK, made his anticipated runway debut at the four-day fashion event.

As a newly signed face, Charlie expectedly booked several of his castings and proved that he can rock with the best of them. He kicked things off slowly with a presentation for Ben Sherman, before going on to work with Bobby Abley, Boy London, and opening up for the always impressive, KTZ. His humble attitude and masculine features have already led him to work for publications such as Vanity Teen, LOVE, i-D, and Rollacoaster, all in the space of a few months.

Fellow NotAnother and Select model, Dylan Moran also stormed the LC:M catwalks back in January this year. Before jet-setting around the world to walk for some of the biggest names in the business, including Dries van Noten and Alexander Wang. We expect similar progression for Charlie’s career and we’re proud to have such great faces representing our country internationally.

Bobby Abley Menswear Spring Summer 2017 Collection London Collections: Men
Charlie Clinch | Bobby Abley Spring Summer 2017 Collection | Image: NowFashion

“Modelling is something fun that I enjoy”

How did modelling come about? Is it something that you just landed in?
I started modelling after I applied to NotAnother with my friend by email. It was his idea to do it in the first place, so without him, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do it.

How does it feel to go from school to a photo shoot? Is it manageable?
I actually quite like having the two because I don’t see modelling as a chore, but I do see school as a chore. So modelling is something fun that I enjoy and it also gets my mind off any stresses from school.

What are your favourite hobbies/past times?
I’ve always loved rugby and I’ve been doing it all my life. And just being with my family, because family is really important to me.

You signed with Select Model Management in the UK recently. How did this happen?
My agents Dean & Emma got in touch with them as they have a relationship with a lot of London agencies. I went over to meet them soon after that and it all went well, so they decided to represent me in London.

KTZ Spring Summer 2017 Collection. Image: NowFashion

“Opening the KTZ show was one of the biggest thrills I’ve gotten.”

How was London Collections: Men for you? Was it a shock to the system?
LC: M was such an amazing experience and I’m so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to be a part of it. At first, it was quite overwhelming with all of the castings and fittings I had to fit into one day. But I quickly got used to it with the help of different models I met along the way and with the help of my mum & my agency here in Dublin.

Opening KTZ’s SS17 catwalk show… How was it?
Opening the KTZ show was one of the biggest thrills I’ve gotten. Being the first one to walk out the door into the hall, crowded with hundreds of people and all of their eyes turn to me, I was very scared, but once I came out all the fears and nerves just went away and it felt amazing.

Most young models don’t have anyone with them when they travel, you’re lucky enough to be accompanied by your mother. How does it feel to share this experience with her?
I am extremely grateful for her being with me because I recognise that there are models my age going abroad by themselves for modelling and not having anyone to support them and to help them up when they’re down and she really helped me get through the week.

IMG_0410 copy
Photo by Dean McDaid.

“I thought that it all was a bit too much for me.”

At such a young age, how are you coping with everything?
At the beginning, I wasn’t coping that well and I thought that it all was a bit too much for me. I didn’t know if I suited modelling, but NotAnother agency really helped me get past that stage. They were patient with me and gave me room to take it all in and now I love it.

What are your personal goals in life?
Well, I’m still young so I’m focused on my leaving cert now and also to pursue modelling. See where it takes me through the next couple of years.

What’s been the most challenging part of your journey so far?
I think the most challenging part of the whole journey so far was probably LC:M. Just handling the business of it all and getting through the week.

Where can our readers find you on social media?
You can find me on Instagram “charlieclinch_”.

Did we mention? He’s sixteen!