Behind the Brand | Mr. Jenks

Since entering the market, Dublin-based brand, Mr. Jenks has sustained a great reputation for the quality and design of their luxury pocket squares. In our new series, we talk to the co-directors behind the brand, William and Maeve, about the future of their company and the story behind Mr. Jenks.


Talk to us about both of your experience in fashion and retail.
Fashion has always been a strong interest and a passion of ours. In particular, I (William) have always had an interest in fine attire and the accessories that accompany it.

Tell us about the brand ethos of Mr. Jenks? Where did the idea come from?
With my last name being Jenkins, as a child, I (William) had a nickname for my dad which was Jenks. In turn, as I grew older he started to call me Jenks Jr. When it came to deciding on a brand name it’s the first thing that came to mind and I instantly felt it was right to name it after this, as I see my father as a true Gentleman.

Our ethos at Mr. Jenks is that we strive to offer high-level quality products to our customers while being committed to using the finest materials. We pride ourselves on helping today’s gentlemen add character and a personal touch to any outfit.

Where do you source your fabrics from?
All of our premium Silk is sourced in Como, Italy. We feel this is what customers expect with a luxurious brand and we only want to offer the best.


Who designs the patterns for each product and what does this process involve?
Fortunately, our supplier in Italy has access to an extensive archive under a license which dates back to the 1800’s, with nearly every pattern you can imagine! We have access to this and also their in-house design team which allows us to fuse modernity when choosing our pocket square designs.

Once we choose the design, we then mix it with a colour of our choice. We also submit our own pocket square designs when something really catches our eye. An example is our Dublin Skyline pocket square which is based on an artwork by a local artist here in Dublin.

What are the inspirations behind the most recent designs?
The inspiration behind the most recent designs is spring / summer. We purposely chose a range of bright colours to use and patterns which would blend well with these colours.

Mr. Jenks is now stocked in Só Collective in Kildare Village. How does it feel to be a part of such an exciting new store?
Honestly, it feels great to be in retail and especially to be in store with other great Irish designers, something we definitely take pride in. You can currently find our autumn / winter ‘15 collection in Só Collective.

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You will branch out into some new products soon including cufflinks and lapel pins. Talk to us about the extension of your brand.
As the interest in our product and brand grew, we felt it was time to grow our product range too. Cufflinks and lapel pins are becoming more and more popular and we felt it was right to extend our high-quality products by adding them to our range. We also have some other gentleman’s accessories lined up but we won’t ruin the surprise by telling you what just yet!

What style tips can you offer in terms of pocket squares?
Choose a pocket square that suits your personality on that particular day. You can literally choose how discrete or flamboyant you wish to be with it – in terms of both colour/pattern and the fold. Play this to your advantage, for example, when you want to stand out, wear a popping colour and an extravagant fold. We have a “Know Your Folds” section on our website where you can try different folds and choose a favourite!

Where do you see Mr. Jenks in five years’ time?
Mr. Jenks is growing at a great pace and we’re very excited for the future. We plan to establish ourselves as a gentlemen’s accessory brand, and as we grow we will branch into more accessories and markets.

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