Meeting ‘Soho George’

Although London Fashion Week showcased the best in women’s wear, there were plenty of suave men around the Brewer St show-space outshining the swarms of women all trying to stand out. George Skeggs, more commonly known as ‘Soho George’, is an eighty-something year old gentleman who has established himself in London’s fashion circle for his truly unique and sophisticated take on 1950’s menswear.


Born and raised in London, Soho George struts through the busy streets during fashion week with an air of confidence that is honourable. Upon meeting him he feels obliged to inform me that he isn’t part of the fashion week ‘fiasco’: “This is just me. This is how I am all year round”.


On the particular day that I met him, he was sporting a custom high-waist, pinstriped, double-breasted suit in smooth grey, themed with a powder blue lining and complimenting accessories. The addition of monochrome leather saddle brogues and extended collar tips further enhances and channels his inner 1950’s vibes; while his vibrant dickie bow and pocket square add a modern flourish on the classic menswear look.

“All my suits are custom made for me, and I get my hats made by the same designer who makes David Bowie’s hats. It’s all about the personal fit and personal touch added to each outfit”.


This time-honoured style has reappeared frequently in the last while with the release of Tom Hardy’s latest cinematic endeavour ‘Legend’; which portrays the lives of the notorious Kray twins.

George takes pride in his appearance and in the short time we had together, he spoke of his achievements around his hometown. Although in his eighties, he continues to work on the radio. Swinging his umbrella in one hand and taking my hand with the other, he insisted we did a jive outside the busy Brewer Street show-space. I regretfully declined.

Belstaff UK